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Silvered Mica & Capacitor

Mica capacitors, also known as silver mica capacitors, are capacitors that offer high precision, reliability and stability. They are available in small values and are generally used at high frequencies and in situations where low losses and low capacitor change over time are required. A mica capacitor is assembled from sheets of mica that are coated with silver (Ag) on both sides as shown in the figure below. The assembly is then dipped in epoxy.

PNR Silvered Mica & Capacitors Range


Moulded Mica Capacitors

The units with terminals are moulded with electronic grade epoxy. The process used is that the units are placed in specifically designed mould boxes and liquid epoxy is poured into these boxes. These are then cured in air circulating ovens. The resultant product is a hard epoxy coated capacitor. This is specially needed where the terminals are of axial version, which cannot be dip coated, and also for very high voltage transmitting type capacitors.


High Voltage High Current Cylindrical type mica capacitor

We have also developed High Voltage High Current Cylindrical Type Mica Capacitor which are designed for frequencies ranging from 0.1MHz to 3 MHz ideal for high curent and high voltage circuits like broad casting, welding, induction heating and especially for RF application & also high frequency equipment. The capacitors electrically and dimensioinally equivalent to MIL –C _ 5 Style CM – 76 through CM – 91. We also undertake to manufacture any tailor make mica capacitors at various frequency, voltage and current.


Partial discharge coupling capacitor

Our R & D has developed partial discharge coupling capacitor. This special type of capacitor is used to couple PD signal and fed to the measuring instruments. PD signal is developed from defected or damaged insulation of transformer wires used mainly in sub-station, motor winding insulation, XPLE cable insulation etc. PD coupling capacitor is energized and coupled signals when the discharge occurs in any void between the copper conductor and insulation wall or internal to the insulation itself.


Dipped Mica Capacitors

The clamped units having radial terminals are powder coated with electronic grade epoxy. These units are hung in a device, brought to a heating station, heated at about 240° C and then immersed in epoxy powder. The process is repeated a number of times, to achieve the desired dimensions and complete encapsulation of the product.


We can supply mica capacitor of any capacitance and drawing as per customer's specification.

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